Publications and Patents

Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Extracellular Vesicle Therapy for Stroke: Scalable Production and Imaging Biomarker Studies

JP Son, EH Kim, EK Shin, DH Kim, JH Sung, MJ Oh, JM Cha, M Chopp, OY Bang 

STEM CELLS Translational Medicine (online published)


Method for producing stem cell-derived extracellular vesicle

JM Cha, OY Bang, GJ Moon, EK Shin

US Patent App. 16/097,452 / May 16th 2019

US Patent Registered 11/643,638 / May 9th 2023

State of the Art Techniques for Promoting Tissue Regeneration: Combination of Three-Dimensional Bioprinting and Carbon Nanomaterials

IS Raja, MS Kang, SW Hong, H Bae, B Kim, YS Hwang, JM Cha*, DW Han*

International Journal of Bioprinting 9 (1), 181- 198


Preclinical Study of Human Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Three-dimensional Manufacturing Setting for Enhancing Spinal Fusion

SM Cho, H Choi, H Jeong, SY Kwon, EJ Roh, K Jeong, I Baek, BJ Kim, S Lee, I Han, JM Cha*

STEM CELLS Translational Medicine 11 (10), 1072-1088 

Stem cell-derived microvesicles with enhanced efficacy, use thereof, and method for enhancing efficacy 

OY Bang, EH Kim, JM Cha

US Patent App. 16/600,919 / Apr 30th 2020

US Patent Registered 11/351,119 / Jun 7th 2022


Development of a Novel Perfusion Rotating Wall Vessel Bioreactor with Ultrasound Stimulation for Mass-production of Mineralized Tissue Constructs

JM Cha*, YS Hwang, DK Kang, J Lee, ES Cooper, A Mantalaris

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 19, 739-754 


Improving Printability of Digital-Light-Processing 3D Bioprinting via Photoabsorber Pigment Adjustment

JW Seo, GM Kim, Y Choi, JM Cha, H Bae

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 13, 5428


(Book Chapter) Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Extracellular Vesicle Therapy in Patients with Stroke

OY Bang, EH Kim, GJ Moon, JM Cha

Handbook of Stem Cell Therapy, Springer, Singapore (ISBN: 978-981-16-6016-0)  

세포외소포체 동결건조 보호제

특허 국내 출원 10-2022-0052810 / 2022.04

특허 PCT 출원  PCT/KR2022/006105 / 2022.04 

효능이 증진된 줄기세포 유래 미세소포, 이의 용도 및 효능 강화 방법

특허 국내 출원 10-2019-0127212 / 2019.10

특허 국내 등록 제 10-2320800 / 2021.10

미분화 줄기세포 스페로이드를 포함하는 이식용 조성물

특허 국내 출원 10-2021-0086606 / 2021.07 


Optimization of Polysaccharide Hydrocolloid for the Development of Bioink with High Printability/Biocompatibility for Coextrusion 3D Bioprinting

W Lim, SY Shin, JM Cha, H Bae

Polymers 13 (11), 1773 


3D-Bioprinting Strategies Based on In Situ Bone Healing Mechanism for Vascularized Bone Tissue Engineering 

YL Park, K Park*, JM Cha*

Micromachines 12 (3), 287


하이드로겔의 기계적 강도를 이용한 줄기세포 유래 세포외 소포체의 혈관신생 관련 사이토카인 조절 방법

특허 국내 출원 10-2019-0034596 / 2019.03

특허 국내 등록 제 10-2204648 / 2021.01

특허 PCT 출원  PCT/KR2019/005186 / 2019.04


Next-Generation Wearable Biosensors Developed with Flexible Bio-Chips

D Nam, JM Cha*, K Park*

Micromachines 12 (1), 64

Kappa-Carrageenan-Based Dual Crosslinkable Bioink for Extrusion Type Bioprinting

W Lim, GJ Kim, HW Kim, J Lee, X Zhang, MG Kang, JW Seo, JM Cha, ...

Polymers 12 (10), 2377 


Injectable hydrogel derived from chitosan with tunable mechanical properties via hybrid-crosslinking system

JW Seo, SR Shin, M Lee, JM Cha, KH Min, SC Lee, SY Shin, H Bae

Carbohydrate Polymers 251, 117036 

줄기세포 스페로이드로부터 유래된 조직 비드를 포함하는 이식용 조성물

특허 국내 출원 10-2019-0145787 / 2019.11


줄기세포 유래의 세포외 소포체 생산 방법

특허 국내 출원 10-2016-0053026 / 2016.04 

특허 국내 등록  제 10-1991038호 / 2019.06


하이드로겔의 기계적 강도를 이용한 줄기세포의 유전자 발현 조절 방법

특허 국내 출원 10-2019-0034575 / 2019.03

Nanogels Derived from Fish Gelatin: Application to Drug Delivery System 

MG Kang, MY Lee, JM Cha, JK Lee, SC Lee, J Kim, YS Hwang, H Bae

Marine drugs 17 (4), 246


Bioreactor systems are essentially required for stem cell bioprocessing

JM Cha*, MY Lee, J Hong

Precision and Future Medicine 3 (1), 19-23 

Closed-type pre-treatment device for point-of-care testing of sputum

HJ Park, A Woo, JM Cha, KS Lee, MY Lee

Scientific Reports 8 (1), 17994

Toward an Exosome-Based Therapeutic Strategy in Regenerative Dentistry

YH Lee, IK Kwon, JM Cha

Biomedical Journal of Scientific and Technical Research 12 (1), 1-4

Marine Biomaterial-Based Bioinks for Generating 3D Printed Tissue Constructs

X Zhang, GJ Kim, MG Kang, JK Lee, JW Seo, JT Do, K Hong, JM Cha, ...

Marine Drugs 16 (12), 484

Application of mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles for stroke: biodistribution and microRNA study

GJ Moon, JH Sung, DH Kim, EH Kim, YH Cho, JP Son, JM Cha, OY Bang

Translational stroke research, 1-13

Serum-mediated Activation of Bone Marrow–derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Ischemic Stroke Patients: A Novel Preconditioning Method

GJ Moon, YH Cho, DH Kim, JH Sung, JP Son, S Kim, JM Cha, OY Bang

Cell transplantation 27 (3), 485-500

Regulation of therapeutic compounds in extracellular vesicles by 3Dorganizing different physical interactions between mesenchymal stem cells and culture matrices

S Jung, T Kim, J Kim, H Bae, OY Bang, JM Cha*

Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 7, 137


Efficient scalable production of therapeutic microvesicles derived from human mesenchymal stem cells 

JM Cha, EK Shin, JH Sung, GJ Moon, EH Kim, YH Cho, HD Park, H Bae, ...

Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1171 

Dicalcium phosphate coated with graphene synergistically increases osteogenic differentiation in vitro

JJ Lee, YC Shin, SJ Song, JM Cha, SW Hong, YJ Lim, SJ Jeong, DW Han, ...

Coatings 8 (1), 13 

Mesoderm lineage 3D tissue constructs are produced at largescale in a 3D stem cell bioprocess

JM Cha, A Mantalaris, S Jung, Y Ji, OY Bang, H Bae

Biotechnology journal 12 (9), 1600748

A novel cylindrical microwell featuring inverted-pyramidal opening for efficient cell spheroid formation without cell loss

JM Cha, HD Park, EK Shin, JH Sung, O Kim, W Jung, OY Bang, J Kim

Biofabrication 9 (3), 035006


Non-thermal acoustic treatment as a safe alternative to thermosensitive liposome-involved hyperthermia for cancer therapy 

W Um, S Kwon, DG You, JM Cha, HR Kim, JH Park

RSC Advances 7 (47), 29618-29625 

Skin penetration-inducing gelatin methacryloyl nanogels for transdermal macromolecule delivery

J Kim, R Gauvin, HJ Yoon, JH Kim, SM Kwon, HJ Park, SH Baek, JM Cha, ...

Macromolecular Research 24 (12), 1115-1125

Improvement of antitumor efficacy by combination of thermosensitive liposome with high-intensity focused ultrasound

JM Cha, DG You, EJ Choi, SJ Park, W Um, J Jeon, K Kim, IC Kwon, ...

Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 12 (9), 1724-1733


Cold Water Fish Gelatin Methacryloyl Hydrogel for Tissue Engineering Application

HJ Yoon, SR Shin, JM Cha, SH Lee, JH Kim, JT Do, H Song, H Bae

PloS one 11 (10), e0163902


Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke: Challenges and Progress

OY Bang, EH Kim, JM Cha, GJ Moon

Journal of Stroke 18 (3), 256-266


Dynamic threedimensional micropatterned cell cocultures within photocurable and chemically degradable hydrogels 

S Sugiura, JM Cha, F Yanagawa, P Zorlutuna, H Bae, A Khademhosseini

Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 10 (8), 690-699 

Embryoid body size-mediated differential endodermal and mesodermal differentiation using polyethylene glycol (PEG) microwell array

JM Cha, H Bae, N Sadr, S Manoucheri, F Edalat, K Kim, SB Kim, IK Kwon, ...

Macromolecular Research 23 (3), 245-255 

Composition for delivery of angiogenesis inducing molecule and artificial tissue prepared by the composition

JM Cha, MS Kim, HR Kim, ES Park

US Patent App. 14/243,700

Formulation optimization and in vivo proof-of-concept study of thermosensitive liposomes balanced by phospholipid, elastin-like polypeptide, and cholesterol

SM Park, JM Cha, J Nam, MS Kim, SJ Park, ES Park, H Lee, HR Kim

PloS one 9 (7), e103116


Optimized Protocol for the Use of Thermo-sensitive Liposome in Tumor Therapeutics

JM Cha, EJ Choi, SJ Park, SO Song, SM Park, KS Choi, ES Park, HR Kim

MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive 1625


Development of functional biomaterials with microand nanoscale technologies for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications

H Bae, H Chu, F Edalat, JM Cha, S Sant, A Kashyap, AF Ahari, CH Kwon, ...

Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 8 (1), 1-14


Improving embryonic stem cell expansion through the combination of perfusion and bioprocess model design

D Yeo, A Kiparissides, JM Cha, C Aguilar-Gallardo, JM Polak, E Tsiridis, ...

PLoS One 8 (12), e81728


Directed differentiation of sizecontrolled embryoid bodies towards endothelial and cardiac lineages in RGDmodified poly (ethylene glycol) hydrogels 

L Schukur, P Zorlutuna, JM Cha, H Bae, A Khademhosseini

Advanced healthcare materials 2 (1), 195-205 

Engineering approaches toward deconstructing and controlling the stem cell environment

F Edalat, H Bae, S Manoucheri, JM Cha, A Khademhosseini

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Microfabricated biomaterials for engineering 3D tissues

P Zorlutuna, N Annabi, G CamciUnal, M Nikkhah, JM Cha, JW Nichol, ...

Advanced materials 24 (14), 1782-1804

(Book Chapter) Microtechnological Approaches in Stem Cell Science

F Edalat, JM Cha, H Bae, S Manoucheri, SB Kim, A Khademhosseini

Chapter 9 in Regenerative Bio-Medicine and Cell Therapy Book 1: Advances in Stem Cell Research, Humana Press-Springer (ISBN: 978-1-61779-939-6)


Carbon nanotube reinforced hybrid microgels as scaffold materials for cell encapsulation 

SR Shin, H Bae, JM Cha, JY Mun, YC Chen, H Tekin, H Shin, S Farshchi, ...

ACS nano 6 (1), 362-372 

A cell-based biosensor for real-time detection of cardiotoxicity using lensfree imaging

SB Kim, H Bae, JM Cha, SJ Moon, MR Dokmeci, DM Cropek, ...

Lab on a Chip 11 (10), 1801-1807 

Simvastatin induces osteogenic differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells

J Pagkalos, JM Cha, Y Kang, M Heliotis, E Tsiridis, A Mantalaris

Journal of bone and mineral research 25 (11), 2470-2478 


(Book Chapter) Functional Genes and Proteins for Regenerative Medicine

S Chang, JM Cha

Chapter 9 in II. Biologic and Molecular Basis, Regenerative Medicine the Third Edition​, Koonja Publisher (ISBN: 978-8-962782-60-8)


(Book Chapter) Integrated 3-Dimensional Expansion and Osteogenic Differentiation of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells

WL Randle, JM Cha, Y Hwang, KLA Chan, SG Kazarian, JM Polak, A Mantalaris

Chapter 16 in Advances in Tissue Engineering Volume 2: Stem Cells, Mary Ann Liebert (ISBN: 978-1-934854-24-2)

The incorporation of 70s bioactive glass to the osteogenic differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells in 3D bioreactors

J Zhang, M Wang, JM Cha, A Mantalaris

Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 3 (1), 63-71

Stem cell bioprocessing: fundamentals and principles

MR Placzek, IM Chung, HM Macedo, S Ismail, T Mortera Blanco, M Lim, JM Cha,...

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Integrated 3-dimensional expansion and osteogenic differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells
WL Randle, JM Cha, YS Hwang, KLA Chan, SG Kazarian, JM Polak, ...
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Mechanotransduction of cardiomyocytes interacting with a thin membrane transducer
J Park, IC Kim, JM Cha, S Park, J Lee, B Kim
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Preparation and characterization of biodegradable anti-adhesive membrane for peritoneal wound healing
SN Park, HJ Jang, YS Choi, JM Cha, SY Son, SH Han, JH Kim, WJ Lee, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 18 (3), 475-482​ 

Construction of functional soft tissues from premodulated smooth muscle cells using a bioreactor system
JM Cha, SN Park, GO Park, JK Kim, H Suh
Artificial organs 30 (9), 704-707


Guided three-dimensional growth of functional cardiomyocytes on polyethylene glycol nanostructures
DH Kim, P Kim, I Song, JM Cha, SH Lee, B Kim, KY Suh
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Time‐dependent modulation of alignment and differentiation of smooth muscle cells seeded on a porous substrate undergoing cyclic mechanical strain
JM Cha, SN Park, SH Noh, H Suh
Artificial organs 30 (4), 250-258


Integrated 3D expansion and osteogenic differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells in a simulated microgravity bioreactor
JM Cha, WL Randle, MR Plazcek, Y Hwang, AE Bishop, JM Polak, ...
The 2006 Annual Meeting​


Contractile force measurement of cardiomyocytes using a hybrid biopolymer microcantilever array
J Ryu, J Park, S Choi, E Seo, JM Cha, S Ryu, J Kim, SH Lee, B Kim
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Real-time measurement of the contractile forces of self-organized cardiomyocytes on hybrid biopolymer microcantilevers
J Park, J Ryu, SK Choi, E Seo, JM Cha, S Ryu, J Kim, B Kim, SH Lee
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The dependence of contractile force for the cardiomyocytes on a different engineered surface
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