Introduction to the 3D Stem Cell Bioengineering Lab

3D Stem Cell Bioengineering Lab at the Department of Biomedical & Robotics Engineering, Incheon National University is a multidisciplinary research laboratory, aiming to develop 3D-culture platforms to mimic the in situ stem cell microenvironments in our body by using various bioengineering techniques of biomaterials, 3D-bioprinting, and microfluidics/microfabrication. We are actively collaborating with clinical researchers at “Samsung Medical Center” and a BioVenture company “S&E bio Co., Ltd.” which is developing therapeutic exosomes as medicinal products. Most of the research projects that are performed by our lab pursue the clinical application as well as commercialization in the market.
Currently, our research is focusing on 1) “efficient scalable production of therapeutic extracellular vesicles derived from stem cells, and control of their inclusive therapeutic compounds”, 2) “development of GMP-compliant 3D stem cell bioprocessing and establishment of their quality control standards for clinical application”, and 3) “3D-bioprinting for manufacturing vascularized tissues and microfluidic chips to regulate stem cells' behaviors and therapeutic capacities of exosomes”.